18.09.15 by Jeff

Artist Jamie Vasta Remakes Classic Caravaggio Paintings Using Glitter


The Entombment (Deposizione, 1602)


I only recently came across these brilliant paintings by Oakland-based artist Jamie Vasta, recreating the master works of Caravaggio entirely out of glitter. More images below!


Judith and Holofernes (Giuditta e Holoferne, 1601)



(The Incredulity of Thomas)



Youth with a Basket of Fruit (Fanciullo con Canestro di Fruitta, 1593)



(Narcissus, 1603)



St John in the Wilderness (San Giovanni Battista, 1602)



(Fillide, 1596)


Jamie Vasta’s Website

Jeff Hamada is the Founder and Editor of Booooooom. He lives and works in Vancouver.

  • Defty K. Menglesis

    must add that what really makes it nice, is not that it’s another case of “artist does X with Y”, but the context has been updated, scenarios looks like contemporary snapshots at once as well. good stuff actually.

  • These are made out of glitter? I’d love to see them in person – photos don’t convey glitter readily although they’re well-done regardless.

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