20.01.16 by Staff

7 Million Hand-Inked Dots by Artist Xavier Casalta


Xavier Casalta is a 23 year old artist from the South of France. His piece “Autumn” is part of a series representing the four seasons. It’s also the result of 370 hours spent meticulously inking 7 million dots to create every shape and shade! Click below for more images of Casalta’s incredible stippling technique.

























Xavier Casalta’s Website

Xavier Casalta on Facebook


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  • Biff Stokely

    wait, that’s really small why did it takes so long? is it remarkable because it took too long???….yeeesss i use stippling to make art as well.

  • Something Or Other

    Wow! That’s a crazy feat, but 370 hours = 22,200 minutes = 1,332,000 seconds… which is just over 5 dots per second. Are we sure it didn’t take longer, or that there aren’t a couple million less dots? That seems like a breakneck pace to make something so intricate! Is there even time to think!?

    • Xavier

      Thanks ! I actually stipple at a speed of 5-8 dots per seconds, it’s certainly more than 7 million but this estimation is accurate enough I guess :)

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