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Pokémon Go: Complete Pokédex Silhouette Reference Chart


Download: The Complete Pokédex Character Reference Chart


Pokémon Go has been taking over my life the past couple weeks, and it’s weird because I never watched the show and don’t play games on my phone. Is anyone else in the same boat?

I read about the guy who apparently found all the available Pokémon but I couldn’t find an image of all the revealed characters. I was also surprised that it was so difficult to dig up an entire chart of all the Pokémon silhouettes to be able to know whether something close to you is worth searching for. Any longtime fans of Pokémon will already be able to recognize the silhouettes but I’m not one of them so a chart like this is kinda crucial!

The image above is essentially what it looks like to complete your entire Pokédex! This image above is the entire chart with all the characters revealed and below is the full chart as silhouettes (with and without titles). Full credit goes to Reddit user Jadael for posting the images here.

*UPDATE – Kadabra and Alakazam were swapped in the original images (thanks to several readers for pointing this out) both images have been fixed.


Essential Pokémon Go resources:

The Silph Road – this subreddit aims to be the largest online community of Pokémon Go users offering lots of findings, tips, and tricks.

Lvl 22 Player Giving Small Tips of Advice – this post on Reddit really answers every question you will have about the game and specific advice things like quickly levelling up.

Pokémon Go IV (Individual Values) Calculator – if you want to take the game to the nerdiest level possible, use the Google Doc linked here to accurately calculate if you should continue powering up your Pokémon or transfer it and move on.


Maybe I’m a huge nerd for liking this game but I can’t remember the last time I walked around my city and struck up as many conversations (albeit very nerdy conversations) with so many complete strangers of all ages. So far I’ve found 67 Pokémon and I’m level 17. Any other Booooooom readers playing?

Complete Pokédex Silhouette Reference Chart below!



Download: The Complete Pokédex Silhouette Reference Chart (with names)



Here’s the list of 151 Pokemon names and types:

Bulbasaur (Type1: Grass, Type2: Poison)
Ivysaur (Type1: Grass, Type2: Poison)
Venusaur (Type1: Grass, Type2: Poison)
Charmander (Type: Fire)
Charmeleon (Type: Fire)
Charizard (Type1: Fire, Type2: Flying)
Squirtle (Type: Water)
Wartortle (Type: Water)
Blastoise (Type: Water)
Caterpie (Type: Bug)
Metapod (Type: Bug)
Butterfree (Type1: Bug, Type2: Flying)
Weedle (Type1: Bug, Type2: Poison)
Kakuna (Type1: Bug, Type2: Poison)
Beedrill (Type1: Bug, Type2: Poison)
Pidgey (Type1: Normal, Type2: Flying)
Pidgeotto (Type1: Normal, Type2: Flying)
Pidgeot (Type1: Normal, Type2: Flying)
Rattata (Type: Normal)
Raticate (Type: Normal)
Spearow (Type1: Normal, Type2: Flying)
Fearow (Type1: Normal, Type2: Flying)
Ekans (Type: Poison)
Arbok (Type: Poison)
Pikachu (Type: Electric)
Raichu (Type: Electric)
Sandshrew (Type: Ground)
Sandslash (Type: Ground)
Nidoran(f) (Type: Poison)
Nidorina (Type: Poison)
Nidoqueen (Type: Poison)
Nidoran(m) (Type: Poison)
Nidorino (Type: Poison)
Nidoking (Type: Poison)
Clefairy (Type: Fairy)
Clefable (Type: Fairy)
Vulpix (Type: Fire)
Ninetales (Type: Fire)
Jigglypuff (Type: Normal)
Wigglytuff (Type1: Normal, Type2: Fairy)
Zubat (Type1: Poison, Type2: Flying)
Golbat (Type1: Poison, Type2: Flying)
Oddish (Type1: Grass, Type2: Poison)
Gloom (Type1: Grass, Type2: Poison)
Vileplume (Type1: Grass, Type2: Poison)
Paras (Type1: Bug, Type2: Grass)
Parasect (Type1: Bug, Type2: Grass)
Venonat (Type1: Bug, Type2: Poison)
Venomoth (Type1: Bug, Type2: Poison)
Diglett (Type: Ground)
Dugtrio (Type: Ground)
Meowth (Type: Normal)
Persian (Type: Normal)
Psyduck (Type: Water)
Golduck (Type: Water)
Mankey (Type: Fighting)
Primeape (Type: Fighting)
Growlithe (Type: Fire)
Arcanine (Type: Fire)
Poliwag (Type: Water)
Poliwhirl (Type: Water)
Poliwrath (Type1: Water, Type2: Fighting)
Abra (Type: Psychic)
Kadabra (Type: Psychic)
Alakazam (Type: Psychic)
Machop (Type: Fighting)
Machoke (Type: Fighting)
Machamp (Type: Fighting)
Bellsprout (Type1: Grass, Type2: Poison)
Weepinbell (Type1: Grass, Type2: Poison)
Victreebel (Type1: Grass, Type2: Poison)
Tentacool (Type1: Water, Type2: Poison)
Tentacruel (Type1: Water, Type2: Poison)
Geodude (Type1: Rock, Type2: Ground)
Graveler (Type1: Rock, Type2: Ground)
Golem (Type1: Rock, Type2: Ground)
Ponyta (Type: Fire)
Rapidash (Type: Fire)
Slowpoke (Type1: Water, Type2: Psychic)
Slowbro (Type1: Water, Type2: Psychic)
Magnemite (Type1: Electric, Type2: Steel)
Magneton (Type1: Electric, Type2: Steel)
Farfetch’d (Type1: Normal, Type2: Flying)
Doduo (Type1: Normal, Type2: Flying)
Dodrio (Type1: Normal, Type2: Flying)
Seel (Type: Water)
Dewgong (Type1: Water, Type2: Ice)
Grimer (Type: Poison)
Muk (Type: Poison)
Shellder (Type: Water)
Cloyster (Type1: Water, Type2: Ice)
Gastly (Type1: Ghost, Type2: Poison)
Haunter (Type1: Ghost, Type2: Poison)
Gengar (Type1: Ghost, Type2: Poison)
Onix (Type1: Rock, Type2: Ground)
Drowzee (Type: Psychic)
Hypno (Type: Psychic)
Krabby (Type: Water)
Kingler (Type: Water)
Voltorb (Type: Electric)
Electrode (Type: Electric)
Exeggcute (Type1: Grass, Type2: Psychic)
Exeggutor (Type1: Grass, Type2: Psychic)
Cubone (Type: Ground)
Marowak (Type: Ground)
Hitmonlee (Type: Fighting)
Hitmonchan (Type: Fighting)
Lickitung (Type: Normal)
Koffing (Type: Poison)
Weezing (Type: Poison)
Rhyhorn (Type1: Ground, Type2: Rock)
Rhydon (Type1: Ground, Type2: Rock)
Chansey (Type: Normal)
Tangela (Type: Grass)
Kangaskhan (Type: Normal)
Horsea (Type: Water)
Seadra (Type: Water)
Goldeen (Type: Water)
Seaking (Type: Water)
Staryu (Type: Water)
Starmie (Type1: Water, Type2: Psychic)
Mr. Mime (Type1: Psychic, Type2: Fairy)
Scyther (Type1: Bug, Type2: Flying)
Jynx (Type1: Ice, Type2: Psychic)
Electabuzz (Type: Electric)
Magmar (Type: Fire)
Pinsir (Type: Bug)
Tauros (Type: Normal)
Magikarp (Type: Water)
Gyarados (Type1: Water, Type2: Flying)
Lapras (Type1: Water, Type2: Ice)
Ditto (Type: Normal)
Eevee (Type: Normal)
Vaporeon (Type: Water)
Jolteon (Type: Electric)
Flareon (Type: Fire)
Porygon (Type: Normal)
Omanyte (Type1: Rock, Type2: Water)
Omastar (Type1: Rock, Type2: Water)
Kabuto (Type1: Rock, Type2: Water)
Kabutops (Type1: Rock, Type2: Water)
Aerodactyl (Type1: Rock, Type2: Flying)
Snorlax (Type: Normal)
Articuno (Type1: Ice, Type2: Flying)
Zapdos (Type1: Electric, Type2: Flying)
Moltres (Type1: Fire, Type2: Flying)
Dratini (Type: Dragon)
Dragonair (Type: Dragon)
Dragonite (Type1: Dragon, Type2: Flying)
Mewtwo (Type: Psychic)
Mew (Type: Psychic)

Jeff Hamada is the Founder and Editor of Booooooom. He lives and works in Vancouver.

  • Go booooooom!

  • taryn

    I’ve been playing so much! they’ve spilled over into my notebook.

    I played pokemon blue as a kid and I’m pretty sure drawing pokemon back then was one of the things that got me started as an artist.

    • these are great

  • shannon

    Thanks for the article!

    • cheers shannon

  • How did you get the silhouettes for the pokemon that haven’t been released yet? (articuno zapdos etc)

    • Kelly Bahr

      Because this chart contains the original Pokémon from the show not the app/game.

  • ya i think you’re right – the moustache!

  • Justin Earegood

    And Slowpoke evolves into Slowbro not Slowking!

    • Young Travels

      Wrong…Slowpoke can evolve into either or. Slowpoke by Shelder bite without any item held, Slowking when bit holding a king’s rock.

      • Skew

        Not in Pokemon Go. Slowking has not been seen yet.

  • Saleel Saleem

    Pokedex Completed. Caught all 145 Pokemon available: https://twitter.com/saleelsaleem/status/765214390249414657

  • FredBear Nightmare

    im level 22 in pokemon go

  • FredBear Nightmare

    my vaporn is cp 1688

  • FredBear Nightmare


  • FredBear Nightmare

    my vapron cp is 1688

  • FredBear Nightmare

    i want a Gyarados

  • FredBear Nightmare

    michael what team are you i’m team yellow

  • FredBear Nightmare

    i want a pikachu

  • Jill Y

    So many people have already completed their Pokedex simply by buying Pokemon catch service from http://www.pokegocatcher.com

    Worst of all, it’s so easy to just buy 90+% IV rare and strong Pokemons that made Gym look so easy for them.

    • good news is it doesn’t change anything for people who just like to play the game themselves and are only interested in the collecting part

      • Jill Y

        But how many people are playing a popular game just for Single Player Mode? With new features like Trading, PVP and much more, are you sure that it doesn’t change anything? Geez*

  • Adam Preece

    I loved the chart….used it on my blog to log down what I’ve caught so far (hoep that’s ok?) https://crowmarshgibbongeekcraft.wordpress.com/

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