03.04.09 by Jeff

Diego Gravinese

Paintings by Diego Gravinese. Take a second to really wrap your mind around these first three images…

diego gravinese painting painter photo realism

diego gravinese painting painter photo realism

diego gravinese painting painter photo realism

diego gravinese painting painter photo realism

diego gravinese painting painter photo realism

diego gravinese painting painter photo realism

diego gravinese painting painter photo realism

diego gravinese painting painter photo realism

Jeff Hamada is the Founder and Editor of Booooooom. He lives and works in Vancouver.

  • WHOA. mind bending!

  • ian c

    WOW! amazing!

  • romke

    very impressive, for sure. but what exactly does it say? is it just showing off prowess? why the need to transfer photo to paint if you’re not going to change it?

    • asa

      not all art needs to “say something” in fact I would rather art make me feel something without saying anything.

  • MARS

    Someone sure paid attention in art school.

  • Wen


  • <– Jaw dropped. Wow.

  • Holy hell, i don’t even understand how one could be that good. everything is perfect. wtf.

  • That´s what I call a skilled painter

  • Kyle


  • so c.


  • Erin

    WOW, this guy is AMAZING!

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  • d.no

    I can’t believe those first three, I have been looking at them for like 10 mins straight…. AMAZING skill, and super cool idea!

    • yea i would love to see a painting of that third one and so on until the entire world just blew up because that sort of thing just isn’t allowed

  • C86

    Good craft but little much else… am I missing the point?

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  • wow…this stuff is ridiculous!!! The first three!!! Sick.

  • wow wow wow

  • Eli

    I’m also torn . . . on one hand I am amazed at the skill and talent it must take to paint such photorealism, but yes, why? While incredibly impressive, it seems to lack a certain imagination. That said, the guy has such a handle on the medium, if he ever does break out of the “photocopy” genre into something a little more interesting, it’s going to blow us all away.

  • goodness, amazing works!

  • I don’t get why people are saying these are boring… or “not interesting” rather. In my opinion I think that his work is extremely interesting and tells an incredible story. Also…. he does do pieces are are more “imaginative” per-say, however I find his photo realism pieces to be the most inspiring. -tys

  • I think he’s taking it farther than what many are saying here. He’s staging and posing his settings to his liking, taking his pictures and then painting it.

  • These are so intense. So realistic, crazy mind tricks.

  • Uh.. I’m Speechless, and Mind BLOWN!!!!

  • Margot

    theses are so awesome

  • Those are freaking brilliant! Love the photo realistic style of the work. Absolutely amazing painter, took me a while to really accept that they weren’t photographs. Mad skills!!

  • meta meta meta. i likey.

  • chuzz

    basically he’s showing us girls he’s slept with and that he can really paint

  • love them!

  • the level of skill..wow. I love the way he adds highlights as if the entire environment and the subjects he paints are lit up. His work is so realistic, but still has that ‘painted’ quality.

  • Matt B

    I’m intrigued why there are comments questioning the meaning of this art. Demands that art have a message are pretty rare on sites like this, where the line between art and graphic design is almost nonexistent.

    Maybe the battle lines are drawn because talent in inherently undemocratic (not everyone has the ability that this guy has). On the other hand, less technical art carries a populist message that anyone can create art.

    Anyway, I really like these paintings, and though they are pretty faithful reproductions, I feel like their is a world of difference between paintings and photos that maybe gets lost a bit in jpg format.

    • Prove "Pur" filters. Just be dependable not to take it precarious be indefensible during them. Passionate wastefully ruins be unbelievable filters.

  • jdh

    First, let me start by saying I like his work enough to have posted it on my site a while back: http://digg.com/u1Htk

    Unfortunately, having technical skill alone doesn’t make you a great artist — it’s about the ideas. Nobody would deny that landscape painters on television can paint like motherf’ers, but that’s not going to get them in a museum or book. Liking these based purely on technique is a pretty simplistic appreciation for art, and a painting of a painting of a painting is sort of like a cheap trick. It took revolutionary thinkers (that happened to paint) to break this conception of art, let’s not go backwards.

    I posted his work because the painting of the girl with the milk is where a possibly more compelling artist has shown potential for true talent.

  • m

    You’ll have to admit that he is applying his painting skills to subjects with more of a “comment” than just painting photorealistic landscapes for mantles. I think he’s making us ask, why put the effort to recreate seemingly pointless snapshots of pretty girls? what do we value as worthy of his painting ability?

  • This is just absolutely, absolutely amazing. I´m done.


  • if we now how cameras to do this work, why just paint exactly what you see in a photograph?
    no doubt, this man is great at recreating what he sees from a 2D image. but in the milk painting and the breakfast table in the last, you can even still see the flash from the camera. I like his ideas best in the first painting set where hes playing with multiple images not only in the original painting but again as there’s an image inside the image.
    wheres the line between what art is conceptual or simply craft? and maybe neither is right or wrong or one above the other, or should there even be a line at all?

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  • This is just amazing. The subject’s of choice along with technical skill is superb.

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  • see. this is why realism rocks. xoxo

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  • Great! is fantastic…love them.:!!!is amazing

  • Marie V Fox

    Exquisite! Top-notch photo-realism here, folks.

  • wow… really amazing…. thanks.

  • sam


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