21.05.09 by Jeff

Zhou Fan

Amazing illustrations by Zhou Fan.

zhou fan illustrator illustration

zhou fan illustrator illustration

zhou fan illustrator illustration

zhou fan illustrator illustration

zhou fan illustrator illustration

zhou fan illustrator illustration

zhou fan illustrator illustration

Jeff Hamada is the Founder and Editor of Booooooom. He lives and works in Vancouver.

  • Ben

    these are beautiful…i love them.

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  • emily

    the use of colour is so fun and bright and the subjects so imaginative. very very fresh and beautiful

  • http://www.brianlarossa.com B+


  • http://heylookamonster.com Ben

    With the vivid colors and explosive movement it would be hard for me to not draw a comparison to Shintaro Kago. Love it love it.

  • http://www.okaygreat.com Dylan

    It’s like ice cream and fungus and a coral reef having babies all over my eyes.

    • Kerri

      These are brilliant, and that comment really made me laugh.

  • http://agerstrand.com josh

    my god it reminds me of Paul Jacoulet- sooo beautiful !

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  • http://veronicahebs.blogspot.com Veronica

    How fantastic is this

  • http://www.cardboardcities.co.uk cardboardcities

    amazing amazing amaaaazing! so colourful, i love these!

  • http://www.paulandredesign.blogspot.com Paulandre

    I became fan of Zhou Fan…love all works.

  • trap counselor

    I saw some of these at m50 in Shanghai. They are incredible.

  • What?
  • jullye

    love it

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  • http://espvisuals.blogspot.com/ ESPVisuals

    beautiful stuff!

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  • http://blog.naver.com/h_bin113 h_bin113

    what’s that things? like brain???
    i mean that things are really uniqe and strange
    i love them.
    but i dont know what that means.
    it mean a lot of thinkings?
    i don’t know but love them.

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  • so

    so this is LOVE

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  • http://www.Artsurfsoul.com Matt Lawler

    These are great. I love the commitment to the theme in each individual piece. The cohesiveness is important.

  • Shelley Whiting

    These pictures are wild, out of this world and beautifully funky. I love the bright and vibrant colors as well.

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