04.12.09 by Jeff

Benjamin Ducroz / Press +

Press + by Benjamin Ducroz. 3D animation, watercolor, and ink.

Benjamin Ducroz Press + animation 3d watercolor ink

Watch the video below!

Jeff Hamada is the Founder and Editor of Booooooom. He lives and works in Vancouver.

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  • NapoleonSolo


  • http://www.magdalenasybon.com Magda

    love this animation! Great stuff.

  • http://www.breeree.com/ breeree

    Pretty great animation!

  • lucas

    vewry nice

  • http://www.selectedwhimsy.co.uk oliver

    Beautiful mixing of those media!

  • http://facebook Hazard Bertran

    Waao,I love it
    Too fast in my opinion

  • Emily


  • http://digitalartempire.com/ Benjamin Rama

    thats is really amazing can seee where the term eye candy came from its almost hypnotising cheers very good

  • Emily

    Oh my, this is awesome!

  • billy

    amazing animation. i dont think the sound really added anything though.. a lot of the shapes and movement were actually quite soft and undulating, and the sound didn’t reflect this at all, although it seemed to attempt synasthesia (sic?).