17.12.09 by Jeff

David Cahill

Paintings by David Cahill.

david cahill artist painter painting

david cahill artist painter painting

david cahill artist painter painting

david cahill artist painter painting

david cahill artist painter painting

Jeff Hamada is the Founder and Editor of Booooooom. He lives and works in Vancouver.

  • bert

    I love the tacky atmosphere in these ones ;D


    Love the 40 oz. motif

  • Ru(die)

    I love the Bad Brains t-shirt :)

  • r

    i love a girl, but she doesn’t love me back
    the paintings are great, in a weird original sketchy way :)

  • http://www.greeningthecube.com Tyler Austin Bradley

    It is unfortunate Skeletor is not furnished with a bottle of Olde E.

  • rob

    I’m reminded of the Larry Clark film ‘KIDS’ by some of these paintings. I like them a lot

  • Ryan Allen

    I really like your first painting, especially the hands are great work.

  • Sam

    I love this kind of dynamic between like this suburban white culture and a traditional rap icon like a forty. I don’t know, i relate to it. I get the impression its biographical as well, which is why it’s probably so relatable. The one with the pill bottle is great.

04.05.16 by Staff

Hand-Stitched Photographs by Art Director Rebecca Chew


Rebecca Chew gives a hand-made look to traditional glossy magazine spreads. Check out more portraits stitched with luchador masks for Esquire Singapore below!

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04.05.16 by Staff

Crowdfund Project of the Day: BrushKnob by Wataru Kami


This one may excite all you digital illustrators out there! BrushKnob is a device designed to make the creation of your digital artwork more intuitive. Developed while working as a concept artist at a production company in Tokyo, Wataru Kami’s invention is simple to use and incredibly streamlined. With only two functions — a knob to control brush size and a switch to transition between the brush and eraser tools — it operates like an extra keyboard and can be used with any application (not just Photoshop) using the same keyboard shortcuts assigned.

More images and information about how to support Kami’s project below!

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04.05.16 by Staff

Artist Spotlight: Jay Senetchko


Edmonton-born, Vancouver-based artist Jay Senetchko re-imagines the relationship of his late grandparents, specifically the domestic life of Senetchko’s grandmother who spent a great deal of time alone while his grandfather was away working in the Alberta oil patch. See more images from Industry and the Sleepwatcher below.

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04.05.16 by Staff

Breathtaking Images of 50-100ft High Waves by Photographer Luke Shadbolt


Australian photographer Luke Shadbolt captures the power and violence of the ocean in his series Maelstrom. Check out more images below or on display at the Michael Reid gallery in Sydney May 4-28.

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04.05.16 by Jeff

Illustrator Spotlight: Yuri Shwedoff


A selection of gorgeous work by illustrator Yuri Schwedoff, from Moscow, Russia. More images below.

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