10.02.12 by Jeff

Andy Curlowe

Artist painter Andy Curlowe
Paintings by Andy Curlowe.

Artist painter Andy Curlowe

Artist painter Andy Curlowe

Artist painter Andy Curlowe

Artist painter Andy Curlowe


via: art hound

Jeff Hamada is the Founder and Editor of Booooooom. He lives and works in Vancouver.

  • Saraya

    Love the contrast of the muted and hints of brights in these pieces. Also enjoy the map like and architectural references. Great job on the site here, always beautiful selections.

  • http://www.donnadakota.com Donna Dakota

    It is fantastic that Curlowe is getting some well-deserved recognition. I love the evolution of his work and actually own some earlier pieces. The new stuff is amazing! Wish I could afford it.

  • Sue

    Talented guy! I own several of his works and treasure them.

11.02.16 by Jeff

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11.02.16 by Staff

Photographer Profile: Zun Lee


Another fantastic profile in the InFrame series. This instalment focuses on Zun Lee who initially took up photography as a hobby and escape from the stresses of his corporate job only to start taking pictures of strangers on the street, uncovering a whole new way of connecting with people. Watch the full video on Booooooom TV.

11.02.16 by Jeff

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10.02.16 by Staff

Artist Turns Paper Cups into Multi-Layered Comics with Moving Pieces!


23-year-old artist Shinrashinge turns disposable paper cups into imaginative, interactive, three-dimensional comics! You really have to see the videos below to understand the creativity here. So cool!

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