06.12.13 by Jeff

Korean artist Jee Young Lee transforms studio into incredible scenes (No Photoshop!!!)





“Black Birds”



“My Chemical Romance


These images by Korean artist Jee Young Lee win the award for most elaborate self-portraits created without any digital manipulation. The artist spends several weeks at a time transforming her studio space into these incredible sets inspired by events from her life or Korean fables.

Jee Young Lee is the designer, performer, and photographer. She does everything! I do find it a bit sad though, that after all her hard work we can only experience these as flat images.

See lots more images of her work below!



“Treasure Hunt”




“Broken Heart”



“Food Chain”



“Panic Room”



“I’ll Be Back”



“Maiden Voyage”









“Last Supper”






“The Little Match Girl”



via: mymodernmet



Jeff Hamada is the Founder and Editor of Booooooom. He lives and works in Vancouver.

  • wow, she is amazing!

  • Andy Jungle

    What an inspiration!!!!! If I owned at children’s museum I would commission her to make some exhibits!

  • WOW

  • Louise Cass

    what a stunning find!

  • Tyler Snazelle

    holy sh*t

  • Tsulaa

    “Bursting with creativity” comes to mind, for me. So much so that I wonder if one can feel the pressure of it even just standing next to this remarkable artist! Wow!

  • www.artzila.com

    Love the creativity here.

  • Jessica Lee

    what an incredibly creative talent she has. It is absolutely mesmerizing

  • Anna Stoppa

    There’s a big difference between being inspired / making homages and copying. Unfortunately this is a copy of the work of Sandy Skoglund, the queen of staged daydreams (since the ’80).

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