08.05.14 by Jeff

A Giant Nest by Hannes Wingate


A guy called Hannes Wingate has been building a giant nest beside Burnside skatepark in Portland. Wingate builds urban nests without any nails or supports, armed with nothing more than his hatchet and a knife (and sometimes a ladder). More images below.

















The Burnside Nest

Jeff Hamada is the Founder and Editor of Booooooom. He lives and works in Vancouver.

  • Trevor Jones

    Hannes has a tremendous talent for this type of site-specific work, with materials native to the site. That’s not to mention his extraordinary skill with weaving, nest building, and artistic/architectural vision. This nest is seen by thousands of people crossing the burnside bridge into downtown Portland every day. Proper respects too to the landowners and to Portland Parks for allowing Hannes to install this piece. Nice one, mate!

  • William Litwa

    I worked on a short film about a similar artist: http://vimeo.com/gravityfreeproductions/nest

  • Wow! So great! I’d love one of these.

  • I saw this when I was in Portland. It was very cool!

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