18.06.14 by Jeff

Herschel Supply and Booooooom: “Drawing On The Past”


If you follow @Booooooom on Instagram you may have already seen hints about this! I’m excited to announce that my friends at Herschel Supply and I have made a special bag together and we are releasing it as part of an art project called “Drawing On The Past”.

After years of people asking if there’s anything they can buy to show support for the site, this is it! This is the first real Booooooom product (and not the last). It’s special to me for many reasons; one being that Andrea Wan, one of my all-time favourite artists, drew the pattern for the inside of the bag. Watch the video below before I give it all away!




There are only 75 bags for sale, and they will go live July 7th at 9am PST on Herschel’s website, bookmark this link: here.

As a little reward for reading all this text, I’ll tell you that if you join the Booooooom Secret Email Club you will get a heads up for purchasing the bags earlier than that.

Extra incentive to take part in the project: We’ll be hooking up some people with Herschel products and three (3) lucky people, whose submissions we especially like, will win the Herschel Supply and Booooooom bag.



I want you to draw a person, place, or thing, that’s had a positive impact on your life, and write a few sentences about it. I’ll be showcasing these drawings on Booooooom, and sharing your stories. The project will end with an art show here in Vancouver, where we will show selected work from the project  (I’d like to show as much as we can possibly fit in the space).

I really want to encourage those of you who don’t normally draw or make art to be a part of this project. The template you download will have space to draw and to write, and both are important. Drawing has two meanings, and this project is as much about moving a pen on a page, as it is about remembering a moment.



1. Download THIS TEMPLATE, print it off on any 8.5″ x 11″ paper.

2. Draw your picture, write a few sentences below it.

3. Scan the entire page and email it to: projects@booooooom.com with the subject “DRAWING ON THE PAST”. Deadline: August 4th, 2014.

4. To be eligible to be for the gallery show, you must physically mail in your original drawing. We must receive all entries by August 4th, 2014, leave enough time for shipping. Due to the number of potential submissions, drawings will not be returned. Mail your drawings to:

Suite 357 – 2416 Main St.
Vancouver, BC, V5T3E2

5. Share your work on Instagram and use the hashtag #drawingonthepast



By submitting artwork, each entrant gives Booooooom and Herschel Supply a non-exclusive, perpetual, transferrable, irrevocable, royalty-free, fully paid-up license to use, and display the artwork online, offline, or in print, including but not limited to, Booooooom.com, HerschelSupply.com, and the final gallery show. Booooooom and Herschel Supply also reserve the right to not display works submitted to this project for any reason. None of the artwork submitted will be made for sale.



Jeff Hamada is the Founder and Editor of Booooooom. He lives and works in Vancouver.

  • Oliver Herlitschek

    Aaaaaa, this perfectly encapsulates the spirit of Booooooom! The Andrea Wan mention, the Little Drifters reference, Herschel’s brand profile and even the colour scheme is just so inherently this blog. You’re running the best available art blog in the world, man. Congratulations for all the insane things you’ve accomplished with it so far!

    • i’m glad you think so! im really careful about the people and brands i choose to work with, everyone sorta has to be on the same page. this really felt like a perfect fit to me as well. thanks for the kind words oliver, hope you’ll join in on the project!

  • misvid

    Do what you like!

  • Nico Glaude

    Hey Jeff,

    Just wondering if the deadline for the project is July 7th as well or if there’s an other date?

    Nonetheless, congrats on the collab and most definitely looking forward to seeing what’s next. Must of been such an honor with Andrea, she’s helped me fall in love with water colors and she’s such a great story teller at that!



    • thanks Nico, forgot to include the deadline, it’s August 4th. We need to receive both the digital and original drawings by this date.

  • Joe

    Very cool. Congrats.

  • Michael Schwartz

    This is gonna be great! Can’t wait for the big show!

  • Guest

    I am sorry if this there is an obvious answer to this question but could you please tell me if pager the size of 9 in X 12 in will work? Is it fine if i leave a 1/2 in border? Thank you, very excited to ‘draw on’ these images.

  • Kelvin Poon


    • you better submit something kp!

      • Kelvin Poon


      • you’ll have to ask my parents!

  • Tamara Cosendey


  • This is so great! I definitely want to send something in…even though drawing is not my strong suit at all. This should be fun!

    • yes! do it! there is a certain honesty that i love about people’s drawings before they “learn” how to draw or are told there is only one way to do it. love it if you submitted

  • eawesterhuis

    Love how your projects put a buzz in my brain. Will be thinking over this one for the next few days. Thanks Jeff!

    • awesome ed – excited for you to be a part of it

  • Wow! You + Herschel + Andrea Wan (she’s also one of my favs!) is truly a killer combination! Congratulations Jeff on this amazing project!!

  • Very very exciting project and brand Jeff, I look forward to taking part! Congratulations

    • sounds good man, look forward to your submission!

  • Josh

    It can only be a drawing not a painting or other media?

    • this is primarily a drawing project – if we start to allow mixed media then it leads to collage and photography and suddenly its a photo project and the last few projects weve done have been photo submissions. trying to switch it up!

      thanks for asking

  • Jeff! Your mind is off the hook. This is such a great idea. Super busy running my own ideas and may not be able to contribute to this one… but I love the work you’re doing to bring the sense of community to the internet and would love to collaborate in the future. I’m from Hilo, Hawaii btw. Your Pow Wow extended neighborhood stopping grounds :P Thank you!

    • love to see Hilo one day, im out in Hawaii often maybe next time ill fly over there. thanks for the encouragement man!

  • May I know that the NAME at the bottom of the template, is referring to the artist’s name or the name of person/thing/place in the drawing?

    • hey sorry Lavennz just saw this now – glad you got it figured out tho

  • Ah man! Learned about this from exploding dog’s tumblr. So excited to be a part of this. Thank you so much for this opportunity :D

  • person

    How many entries are we limited to?

  • What ever happened with this?

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