19.02.16 by Staff

Surreal Stained-Glass Amoeba by Artist Thomas Medicus


You might recall Austrian artist Thomas Medicus’ hand-painted, anamorphic sculpture the “Emergence Lab” we posted back in December. Well Medicus has unveiled a new project: a floating sculpture shaped like a giant amoeba. The abstract piece is gorgeously detailed, capturing the idea of those shining aspects of life that pique our curiosity and urge us to take a closer look. Check out more images below!

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09.12.15 by Staff

Amazing Anamorphic Sculpture by Thomas Medicus


“Emergence Lab” is a hand-painted, anamorphic sculpture by Austrian artist, Thomas Medicus. Made up of a complex layering of 216 laser cut, acrylic glass strips suspended within a transparent cube frame, the result is an amazing 3D effect with a distinct image becoming visible on each different side. Check out the short video below for a closer look at Medicus’ meticulous handiwork!

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