05.07.10 by Jeff

Kenichi Yokono

Wood blocks by Kenichi Yokono. Tokyo, Japan.

wood block artist kenichi yokono
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02.07.10 by Jeff

Charles Negre

Photos by Charles Negre.

charles negre photographer photography
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02.07.10 by Jeff

Oliver Laric

“Versions” is a visual essay by Oliver Laric, investigating the re-appropriation and manipulation of images in our culture.

oliver laric versions 2010

Watch the video here.

02.07.10 by Jeff

Brendan Flanagan

Paintings by Brendan Flanagan.

artist painter painting brendan flanagan
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02.07.10 by Jeff

Thanks Huck Magazine!

A big thank-you to Huck Magazine for the kind words!

huck magazine booooooom feature interview jeff hamada

02.07.10 by Jeff

My Love For You / Gulf Fundraiser

Meighan over at My Love For You has just launched an art fundraiser to support The Gulf Restoration Network! All 83 artists involved are donating 100% of the proceeds!

my love for you gulf fundraiser

Jump over here to buy some work!!! Shop closes July 5th!

01.07.10 by Jeff

Sebastian Vallejo

Paintings by Sebastian Vallejo.

Artist painter Sebastian Vallejo
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