24.07.12 by Jeff

Mobile animation by Caleb Wood

Mobile animation by Caleb Wood
A whimsical hand-drawn animation by Caleb Wood. Enjoyed every second of this. Watch “Mobile” below!

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20.07.12 by Jeff

Cloudy by Friends With You

Cloudy animation by artists Friends With You
It seemed like only a matter of time before Friends With You ventured into animation, “Cloudy” is a great debut!

Watch below!

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10.07.12 by Jeff

Shishi Yamazaki

Animations by Shishi Yamazaki
Loving these expressive animations by Shishi Yamazaki. Watch below!

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04.07.12 by Jeff

Dubstep Dispute

Dubstep Dispute animation
I wish this little animation was four times longer than it is. Lots of great details here. Watch below!

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02.07.12 by Jeff

Breakfast on the Grass animation by Michael Rake

Eine murul  Breakfast on the Grass animation by Michael Rake
This is a staggering work of genius. After you watch it you’ll know what a terrible pun that was, but this is an honest to God masterpiece. The concept, the execution, every little detail. If Manet ever got to see this bizarre tribute to his work his mind would have exploded.

Watch the animation below!

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28.06.12 by Jeff

Happy Life by Xin Sun and Yun Li

Happy Life animation by SUN EGG Xin Sun and Yun Li
I recently came across exquisite little animation by Xin Sun and Yun Li. They make work together in Berlin under the name SUN & EGG. I believe you are seeing two masters at the beginning of their careers.

I love everything about this; the characters, the story, the details like the way the guy shoos away the monsters. The sound is incredible. Amazing work all around.

Watch “Happy Life” below!

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25.06.12 by Jeff

Rotoscope fantasy version of The Big Bang Theory

Rotoscope fantasy version of The Big Bang Theory
This is incredible, I never watch “The Big Bang Theory”, but I would if it was like this! I present you with “The Hulk Hands Theory”, 2500 drawings rotoscoped over an episode of the sitcom, by Nunub.

Watch below!

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11.06.12 by Jeff

Moones / Better Energy

Moones Better Energy music video
All kinds of animation in this video and there is even a penguin giving a guy a massage! Directed by Peter Sluszka, yes this guy.

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07.06.12 by Jeff

Paper pop-ups by Mengyu Chen

Paper pop-ups by designer Mengyu Chen

Love these concepts for a pop-up book, by designer Mengyu Chen.

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