05.05.14 by Jeff

James Hines


Newspaper and tape collages by artist James Hines. More below.

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30.04.14 by Jeff

Joanne Nam


Drawings and paintings by artist Joanne Nam (previously featured here).

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29.04.14 by Jeff

Hanging Flower Installations by Rebecca Louise Law


As soon as I saw these hanging flower installations by London-based artist Rebecca Louise Law I thought of a piece I posted about six years ago: “Brainforest” by Gerda Steiner & Jorg Lenzlinger. Take a look at more of her works below.

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28.04.14 by Jeff

Erik Jones


Paintings by artist Erik Jones.

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25.04.14 by Jeff

Mary Jane Ansell


Paintings by artist Mary Jane Ansell (previously featured here).

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23.04.14 by Jeff

Ryan McGennisken


Paintings by Australian artist Ryan McGennisken, currently showing work at BSDA. More below!

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22.04.14 by Jeff

Peter Peri


Mixed media works by London-based artist Peter Peri.

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22.04.14 by Jeff

Dennis Congdon


Paintings by artist Dennis Congdon. More below.

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