19.09.13 by Jeff

CJ Hendry

Drawings by CJ Hendry

Incredible photorealist drawings by artist CJ Hendry. Take a look at lots more images and a video below!

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17.09.13 by Jeff

Instagram Takeover: James Jean

James Jean on our Instagram

I’m excited to announce the launch of our official @Booooooom Instagram account! Even better news, my friend James Jean (@jamesjeanart) has taken it over for the week! So if you follow us on there I promise you it won’t be boring shots of my lunch!

See more of James Jean’s incredible artwork here.

16.09.13 by Jeff

“Plain Sight” by Theo Tagholm

Plain Sight by Theo Tagholm

The effect that Theo Tagholm uses in this video is so simple and yet there is something about it that makes it incredibly satisfying to watch over and over.

Watch “Plain Sight” below!

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16.09.13 by Jeff

Henrietta Harris

Paintings by artist Henrietta Harris

Paintings by Henrietta Harris (previously here). More below!

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16.09.13 by Jeff

Jason Jägel

Jason Jägel drawings artist

Paintings by Jason Jägel. See more below!

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16.09.13 by Jeff

Agnes Toth

Artist painter Agnes Toth

Paintings by Agnes Toth. See more below!

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13.09.13 by Jeff

John Kissick

Artist painter John Kissick

Paintings by John Kissick. See more below!

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12.09.13 by Jeff

Maia Lynch

Artist painter Maia Lynch

Paintings by Maia Lynch. More below!

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