02.05.17 by Jeff

Artist Julien Berthier Adds Bronze Pigeons to Existing Public Sculptures

“Pigeonner” – bronze, pigeon scale 1:1 (2014)


I think I’m going to eventually feature every single thing artist Julien Berthier has made; I’ve already share his work nine separate times (you might remember “A Lost”, “Love Love”, “Left-Handed Chair”). For his work “Pigeonner”, Berthier appended bronze pigeons to existing public sculptures with matching patina. The Paris-based artist refers to these interventions as “plus-products” or “classical post-production”.

Here his works are seen grafted onto sculptures by Auguste Cain, Marino di Teana, and Volti. See more images below.

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01.10.08 by Jeff

Kevin Francis Gray

Fantastic bronze work by Kevin Francis Gray.

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