28.12.09 by Jeff

Michael Swaney

Drawings by Michael Swaney.

michael swaney artist drawing paper collage
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20.11.09 by Jeff

Eduardo Recife

Drawings by Eduardo Recife. The folks over at Ok Great are gonna sit down and interview him and are looking for questions so send them your questions!

Eduardo Recife Misprinted Type drawing illustrator illustration collage
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18.11.09 by Jeff

Robi Jõeleht

Illustrations by Robi Jõeleht.

robjoe Robi Jõeleht illustration illustrator
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12.11.09 by Jeff

Kelly Allen

Gouache paintings, drawings, and collages by Kelly Allen.

kelly allen artist painter painting drawing mixed media
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11.11.09 by Jeff

James Gallagher

Collages by James Gallagher.

james gallagher artist collage paper
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02.10.09 by Jeff

Stephanie Davidson

Collages by Stephanie Davidson.

stephanie davidson collage art
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19.08.09 by Jeff

Mary Virginia Carmack

Collages by Mary Virginia Carmack. Memphis, TN.

mary virginia carmack collage paper artist
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18.08.09 by Jeff

Black Dog Publishing

The amazing folks at Black Dog let me pick out a few books and they just showed up on my doorstep! Take a look – and if you dig any of my picks, they’ll give you 40% off! Just throw Jess an email with the subject line ‘Booooooom!’ and she’ll hook it up.

black dog publishing books art photographer photography collage
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