29.03.11 by Jeff

Laurie Frick

Works by Laurie Frick.

artist laurie frick drawings collages sculptures
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15.03.11 by Jeff

Peter Taylor

New works from Peter Taylor.

artist peter taylor drawings
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08.03.11 by Jeff

Nathaniel Whitcomb

“Thought Orbs”, collages by Nathaniel Whitcomb.

Artist Nathaniel Whitcomb
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03.03.11 by Jeff

Elizabeth Hoeckel

Collages by Elizabeth Hoeckel.

Collages by artist Elizabeth Hoeckel
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24.02.11 by Jeff

Clemens Behr

Various works by Clemens Behr.

Artist Clemens Behr
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16.02.11 by Jeff

Genadii Berёzkin

Works by Genadii Berёzkin.

artist genadii berezkin moscow
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09.02.11 by Jeff

Claire Pestaille

Collages by Claire Pestaille.

artist collages claire pestaille
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25.01.11 by Jeff

Malin Gabriella Nordin

More collages (soon to be sculptures) by Malin Gabriella Nordin.

artist malin gabriella nordin
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