11.11.09 by Jeff

James Gallagher

Collages by James Gallagher.

james gallagher artist collage paper
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02.10.09 by Jeff

Stephanie Davidson

Collages by Stephanie Davidson.

stephanie davidson collage art
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19.08.09 by Jeff

Mary Virginia Carmack

Collages by Mary Virginia Carmack. Memphis, TN.

mary virginia carmack collage paper artist
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18.08.09 by Jeff

Black Dog Publishing

The amazing folks at Black Dog let me pick out a few books and they just showed up on my doorstep! Take a look – and if you dig any of my picks, they’ll give you 40% off! Just throw Jess an email with the subject line ‘Booooooom!’ and she’ll hook it up.

black dog publishing books art photographer photography collage
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31.07.09 by Jeff

Bill Zindel

Collage works by Bill Zindel.

bill zindel art collage found image vintage
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20.07.09 by Jeff

Anthony Zinonos

Collages by Anthony Zinonos. Norwich, UK.

anthony zinonos collage drawing artist
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18.06.09 by Jeff

Will Bryant

Mixed-media collagey goodness by Will Bryant (whom I mentioned before). These are older works but I came across them again recently and I call the shots around here so this is what you get.

will bryant drawing mixed media collage illustration
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25.05.09 by Jeff

Hilary Pecis

Collages by Hilary Pecis. San Francisco.

hilary pecis collage illustration illustrator
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