28.02.12 by Jeff

Selena Kimball

Collage six months new york times by artist Selena Kimball
A stunning collage made from six months’ worth of front page photographs from the New York Times, by Selena Kimball.

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30.12.11 by Jeff

Alex Stursberg

Artist Alex Stursberg
Collages by Alex Stursberg.

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03.10.11 by Jeff

Clark Goolsby

Mixed media works by Clark Goolsby.

Mixed media works by artist Clark Goolsby
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10.06.11 by Jeff

Brandi Strickland

Collages by Brandi Strickland.

Artist Brandi Strickland collage
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29.04.11 by Jeff

Carolin Reichert

“Sunset”, photo collages by Carolin Reichert.

Photographer Carolin Reichert
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12.04.11 by Jeff

Stefan Kübler

A collage made of postcards by Stefan Kübler.

Artist Stefan Kuebler postcard collage

05.04.11 by Jeff

Judith Supine

Collages by Judith Supine.

artist judith supine collages
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29.03.11 by Jeff

Laurie Frick

Works by Laurie Frick.

artist laurie frick drawings collages sculptures
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15.03.11 by Jeff

Peter Taylor

New works from Peter Taylor.

artist peter taylor drawings
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