19.01.11 by Jeff

Yang Yongliang

“Cigarette Ash Landscape” an incredible installation by Yang Yongliang. Black and white photographs were cut out and collaged together to create the image of a cigarette dropping ashes into a field of flowers.

cigarette ash landscape sculpture photography installation by yang yongliang
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10.12.10 by Jeff

Phaedra Longhurst

Collages by Phaedra Longhurst.

collage artist phaedra longhurst
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01.12.10 by Jeff

Allison Diaz

“Haunted Mirrors”, collages by Allison Diaz.

haunted mirrors by artist allison diaz
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30.11.10 by Jeff

Brandon F. Wilson

Collages by Brandon F. Wilson.

artist brandon f wilson
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15.11.10 by Jeff

Jessica Bell

Paper collages by Jessica Bell.

paper collages by jessica bell
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06.10.10 by Jeff

Melinda Gibson

“Photomontages”, by Melinda Gibson. London.

photographer photography artist photo collage montage melinda gibson
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10.09.10 by Jeff

Devin Troy Strother

Mixed-media collage work by Devin Troy Strother, whose show opens at Richard Heller Gallery this Saturday (September 11th)!

collage artist devin troy strother
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10.09.10 by Jeff

Lena Wolff

Cut-paper collage works by Lena Wolff.

paper collage artist lena wolff
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