16.03.17 by Jeff

Tumblr of the Day: Daily Disgusting Drawings of President Donald Trump

Artist Warren Craghead III (found via our March Reader Submissions) has vowed to post a new drawing of Trump and his minions “every day until this nightmare ends”. The artist’s grotesque (and accurate) doodles of the POTUS are posted on TrumpTrump.Tumblr.com alongside recent quotes and news. Have a look below at some of my favourite drawings from the project so far!

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28.12.15 by Jeff

15 Stunning Images from National Geographic’s Best Travel Photos of 2015


National Geographic recently announced their Daily Travel Photos: Best of 2015, and the selection includes work by 50 photographers from around the world. There are always certain kinds of images you expect on these lists but they did a great job curating some really interesting work. Here are 15 of my favourite images from their list!

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30.05.13 by Jeff

600 sunrises atop Mt. Fuji by Yu Yamauchi

yu yamauchi mt fuji photography
Every morning at dawn for 600 days, Yu Yamauchi took a picture from the same location, living in a hut near the summit of Mt. Fuji. See more from this amazing series below!

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14.08.08 by Jeff

The Daily Figure

Yasmine‘s got some competition! Kyle T. Webster has started up his own daily illustration blog. Quick little figure sketches every day aptly titled, The Daily Figure!

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29.07.08 by Jeff

Daily Dose.

I’m always on the hunt for interesting daily photo blogs and there are a surprising number of totally uninteresting ones out there. TopLeftPixel is a great one, though! I got addicted to clicking the “day before” button, I couldn’t stop – see how you do.

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