30.12.13 by Jeff

“Whales and Ships and Icebergs” 50 Drawings by Sophie Blackall

drawings by artist sophie blackall

Love these little drawings by illustrator Sophie Blackall. See some larger images below.

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27.12.13 by Jeff

Paul White


Coloured pencil drawings by Paul White. Melbourne, Australia. More below.

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27.12.13 by Jeff

Ebenezer Archer Kling


Drawings by artist Eben Archer Kling. More below!

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20.12.13 by Jeff

Valerie Hammond


Drawings by artist Valerie Hammond. More below.

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18.12.13 by Jeff

Mercedes Helnwein


Drawings by Austrian-born, Los Angeles-based, artist Mercedes Helnwein. See more below.

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16.12.13 by Jeff

“Janky Town” by Rhek


“Janky Town” is an on-going series of drawings by Vancouver-based artist Alex Rhek. Lots more below.

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16.12.13 by Jeff

Mr. Phomer


London-based artist/illustrator Mr. Phomer. Thank you to Maria Pizzeria for the heads up. See more below!

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12.12.13 by Jeff

Matthew Houston


Drawings by artist Matthew Houston. More below.

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