27.05.13 by Jeff

Ryan Sheckler’s Fifteen Years Strong

Ryan Sheckler's Fifteen Years Strong etnies skateboarding
This look at Ryan Sheckler’s 15 years riding for Etnies makes me feel really old. Gotta respect anyone still busting their ass even after they’ve made their millions. Watch below!

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27.08.10 by Jeff

Skate and Create

Transworld’s Skate and Create 2010 videos are now online and one entry instantly put a smile on my face. In an age of HD this, and megapixel that, Etnies took it back to 1995! This is proof that all you need is a Hi8 camera, baggy jeans, and people who are down to have some fun!

etnies skate and create 2010

Watch the video below! Warning: If you skated in the 90’s this just might bring a tear to your eye! If anyone needs me I’ll be waxing the curb outside my house.

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