24.05.11 by Jeff

Helen Korpak

Photos by Helen Korpak. Helsinki.

Photographer Helen Korpak photography
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26.04.11 by Jeff

Hanna Päivikki Konola

Illustrations by Hanna Päivikki Konola. Finland.

Illustrator Hanna Paivikki Konola
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07.06.10 by Jeff

Husky Rescue

“They Are Coming”, by Husky Rescue.

husky rescue they are coming music video directed by pete riski

Watch the music video below!

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11.01.10 by Jeff

Heikki Jantunen

Photos by Heikki Jantunen. Helsinki, Finland.

heikki jantunen photographer photography
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06.10.09 by Jeff

Ville Varumo

Photos by Ville Varumo. Helsinki.

ville varumo photographer photography
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11.05.09 by Jeff

Riikka Sormunen

Illustrations by Riikka Sormunen. Finland.

riikka sormunen illustrator illustration
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05.02.09 by Jeff

Ville Savimaa

Illustrator Ville Savimaa has a style pretty unlike anything I’ve seen. Love the Easter-ish colours in this first one.

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04.02.09 by Jeff

Janine Rewell

Janine Rewell is a very talented graphic designer/illustrator from Helsinki, Finland. And so ends the string of Canadians (for now).

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