11.11.15 by Jeff

Illustrator Spotlight: Antti Kalevi


A colourful selection of work by Helsinki, Finland-based illustrator Antti Kalevi. More images below.

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09.12.14 by Jeff

Designer Illustrator Linda Linko


Works by Helsinki-based designer and illustrator Linda Linko. Her designs are mostly handmade, avoiding the use of any computer programs until the final stages of each work.

“I like incompleteness. If everything’s polished to perfection, where’s the space for imagination?”

Lots more work below.

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31.10.14 by Jeff

Skateboarding in Helsinki Airport


Finnish skateboarder turned photographer Arto Saari hosted a pretty unique invitational recently, giving skaters the opportunity to session Helsinki Airport. The video is definitely a promotion for the airport and airline involved, and they probably should have cut out 90% of the voiceover, but it’s still pretty cool. Somehow I don’t see this happening in any American airport any time soon.

Watch “Match Made in HEL” below!

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24.05.11 by Jeff

Helen Korpak

Photos by Helen Korpak. Helsinki.

Photographer Helen Korpak photography
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26.04.11 by Jeff

Hanna Päivikki Konola

Illustrations by Hanna Päivikki Konola. Finland.

Illustrator Hanna Paivikki Konola
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07.06.10 by Jeff

Husky Rescue

“They Are Coming”, by Husky Rescue.

husky rescue they are coming music video directed by pete riski

Watch the music video below!

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11.01.10 by Jeff

Heikki Jantunen

Photos by Heikki Jantunen. Helsinki, Finland.

heikki jantunen photographer photography
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06.10.09 by Jeff

Ville Varumo

Photos by Ville Varumo. Helsinki.

ville varumo photographer photography
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11.05.09 by Jeff

Riikka Sormunen

Illustrations by Riikka Sormunen. Finland.

riikka sormunen illustrator illustration
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