08.10.15 by Staff

Photographer Spotlight: Maciek Jasik


Another great series by photographer, Maciek Jasik. More images from “The Secret Lives of Fruits and Vegetables” below!

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29.09.15 by Staff

Photographer Spotlight: Kathryn Parker Almanas


Fruits and Flowers (2014-2015) is a striking, and unsettling, series by American photographer, Kathryn Parker Almanas. Check out more images below!

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23.01.13 by Jeff

Florent Tanet

Florent Tanet a colourful winter
“A Colourful Winter”, fruits and veggies beautifully arranged and photographed by Florent Tanet.

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30.08.10 by Jeff

Dimitri Tsykalov

Sculptures by Dimitri Tsykalov.

Artist Dimitri Tsykalov
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