24.07.13 by Jeff

Maximillian Quy

Artist Illustrator Maximillian Quy

Drawings by artist illustrator Maximillian Quy. Auckland, New Zealand. Lots more below!

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15.07.13 by Jeff

Hisashi Okawa

Artist illustrator Hisashi Okawa

Works by Hisashi Okawa. Tokyo, Japan.

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10.07.13 by Jeff

Haejung Lee

Artist illustrator Haejung Lee
Drawings by illustrator Haejung Lee. Submitted via Tumblr.

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24.06.13 by Staff

Steven Russell Black

illustrations by steven russel black
I love how these illustrations by Steven Russell Black are the perfect mix of terror and fascination. See more below.

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19.06.13 by Jeff

Kilian Eng

Artist illustrator Kilian Eng
Illustrations by Kilian Eng. The best in the game as far as I’m concerned. Lots more below!

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19.06.13 by Jeff

Comics by Simon Landrein

Comic drawings by artist Simon Landrein
Comics by Simon Landrein.

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18.06.13 by Jeff

Evan Hecox

Artist illustrator Evan Hecox
Mixed media works by Evan Hecox. Long-time fan of his work, happy to see him updating his site! Lots of images below!

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29.05.13 by Jeff

Jillian Tamaki

illustrations by Jillian Tamaki
“Irish Myths and Legends”, illustrations by Jillian Tamaki!

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