30.08.11 by Jeff

Timothy Hunt

Illustrations by Timothy Hunt.

Illustrator Timothy Hunt illustration
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29.08.11 by Jeff

Russell Weekes

Drawings by Russell Weekes. Love this crossword especially!

Illustrator director Russell Weekes
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24.08.11 by Jeff

Angie Wang

Some recent drawings by Angie Wang.

Illustrator Angie Wang illustration
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28.07.11 by Jeff

Scott Balmer

Illustrations by Scott Balmer.

Illustrator Scott Balmer illustrations
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26.07.11 by Jeff


There are plenty of illustration magazines to choose from these days, but how many of them are designed to be used as wrapping paper when you’re finished reading them? Wrap is a beautiful large format magazine bound with an elastic (no staples).

Wrap paper magazine illustration publication
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22.07.11 by Jeff

Jon Boam

Drawings by Jon Boam.

Artist illustrator Jon Boam illustration
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11.07.11 by Jeff

Scott Massey

Collages by Scott Massey.

Illustrator Scott Massey illustration
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08.07.11 by Jeff

Nathaniel Russell

Drawings by Nathaniel Russell.

drawings by Artist illustrator Nathaniel Russell
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