16.12.13 by Jeff

Mr. Phomer


London-based artist/illustrator Mr. Phomer. Thank you to Maria Pizzeria for the heads up. See more below!

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13.12.13 by Jeff

Natasha Durley


Illustrations by Natasha Durley. Found in the endless resource that is the December Submissions.

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12.12.13 by Jeff

Patrick Kyle


Drawings by artist illustrator Patrick Kyle. More below.

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12.12.13 by Jeff

Matthew Houston


Drawings by artist Matthew Houston. More below.

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11.12.13 by Jeff

Dadu Shin


Terrific illustrations and doodles by Dadu Shin. More below.

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10.12.13 by Jeff

Eunjung Shin


Illustrations with a dark twist by Eunjung Shin. Seoul, South Korea. More below.

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10.12.13 by Jeff

Benjamin Craig


Works by artist illustrator Benjamin Craig. More below.

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05.12.13 by Jeff

Edward Cheverton


“100 Collages made in a day” and other works by Edward Cheverton. It’s not easy to make work this naive, I love it. See more below!

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