17.04.15 by Jeff

Video of the Day: Kite Fighting in Rio de Janeiro

kite-fighting-rio-1 kitekite-fighting-rio-3

Remember that Van Damme movie Kickboxer where the fighters dip their hands in resin and then broken glass before they fight? These kids in the favelas of Rio de Janeiro pretty much do that but with kites! They actually coat their kite strings with wax mixed with ground up glass so they can fly by and cut their opponents string! Watch this fascinating portrait of kite fighting in Brazil below.

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01.06.09 by Jeff

Fly little kite fly!

My friend Shinead didn’t believe my $2 kite (from the greatest store EVER a.k.a. Daiso) would fly so we took it to Kitsilano to test it. I brought my little Golden Half camera to document the triumph/failure. As you can see, it flew magnificently a.k.a. Shinead is an idiot.

kite $2 daiso golden half camera vancouver blog
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