04.09.12 by Jeff

Riitta Ikonen

Riitta Ikonen postcards
For years Riitta Ikonen mailed “postcards” to her friend Margaret Huber from all over the world. She tested the postal system sending objects like a broken record, hair, fish. Her show opens tomorrow at Christopher Henry Gallery in New York, do not miss it.

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29.04.10 by Jeff

Small Victories / Update

I could use a letter opener machete right about now.

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06.05.09 by Jeff

Riitta Ikonen / It’s Nice That

I love Riitta Ikonen (her work is good too!), and was delighted to find the first installment of the It’s Nice That Talk series featured her! Marry me Riitta!

11.09.08 by Jeff

Riitta Ikonen

From 2004 to 2006 Riitta Ikonen mailed around 100 postcards to Margaret Huber from Japan, Spain, Finland, Russia, and England. “Hair, fish, a sachet of white powder, a piece of broken record etc. were sent to test the postal system. Only three cards never reached their destination.” This is another portfolio that deserves your full attention.

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