15.11.15 by Staff

Mmuseumm: The Smallest Museum in the World


Located in a converted elevator shaft in New York City, Mmuseumm houses a carefully curated selection of contemporary artifacts you won’t find in conventional museums. Their permanent collection includes items like “Gummy Worm” and “Homemade Antenna.” Open to the public Thursday and Fridays 6-9pm, and Saturday and Sundays noon-6pm, a $5 suggested donation will get you an audio/text guide, illuminating the quirks and complexities of the modern world. Check out Huck’s video featurette below!

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13.04.12 by Jeff

Miniature handmade sculptures by Israeli artist Shay Aaron

Handmade miniature sculptures by Israeli artist Shay Aaron
Miniature handmade sculptures made of clay, by Shay Aaron. Tel Aviv.

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15.05.10 by Jeff

Small Is Beautiful

Heads up New York, Small Is Beautiful, a wonderful diorama art show just opened at Murphy and Dine Gallery. I especially like this first one by Tracey Snelling! It also features work by Dan Funderburgh, Lori Nix, Jeremy Mora and Ji Lee.

small is beautiful diorama art show new york theme magazine scion murphy and dine gallery
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24.03.10 by Jeff

Ji Lee

Parallel World by Ji Lee. New York. I love this idea.

ji lee parallel world sculpture miniature ceiling
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18.03.09 by Jeff

Nathan Coley

Various artworks by Glasgow-based, Nathan Coley. Religion, and the idea of home, seem to be themes throughout much of Coley’s work.

nathan coley artist installation churches miniature model
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03.07.08 by Jeff

Mike Hunter

Take one look at Mike Hunter’s photography and try to tell me his miniatures don’t look insanely real. Well, you’d be half right. Hunter hasn’t mastered the skill of creating life-like miniatures, he has mastered the skill of capturing a real-life place and creating the illusion that it is a miniature. I’ll let you take a minute to re-read that sentence. Was that the sound of your mind exploding?

What you are looking at is a real place. Those “figurines” are actually actors dressed as toy soldiers (complete with fake stands their feet). Hunter utilizes a miniaturizing technique called “tilt shift photography” and selects locations based on their “already artificial quality”.
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