11.07.13 by Jeff

Mount Kimbie “You Took Your Time” (featuring King Krule)

Mount Kimbie You Took Your Time featuring King Krule official video
Another beauty directed by Marcus Soderlund, this time for Mount Kimbie. Loved his video for Miike Snow (see here). Watch “You Took Your Time” below!

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05.07.13 by Jeff

Phoenix “Trying To Be Cool”

Phoenix Trying To Be Cool music video directed by CANADA
This is my early pick for video of the year (and possibly the last few years). Director collective CANADA teamed up with The Creators Project for one of the most ambitious music videos in recent memory. The footage was captured live, by two separate film crews, and the shots continuously alternate between the two crews.

A countdown clock is visible in many of the shots, it was used to tell each crew how long they had to film their scene while the other prepared to capture the next. This concept is pure madness, and I love the energy in the final product because of it.

Watch Phoenix’s “Trying To Be Cool” below!

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03.07.13 by Jeff

Royal Canoe “Bathtubs”

Royal Canoe Bathtubs music video
So many great bits in this video for Royal Canoe, directed by Nathan Booey. Watch it below!

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01.07.13 by Jeff

Pixies “Bagboy”

Pixies Bagboy music video directed by Lamar+Nik
Pixies release their first song in nine years!!! I guess the rumours about the new album are actually true! Watch “Bagboy” below!

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27.06.13 by Staff

“Far Too Close” by j.viewz

far too close music video by j.viewz
Loving the 80s vibe here! I mean, you could walk on air in the 80s right? Watch the video below!

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25.06.13 by Staff

“I Love It” by Postino

i love it by postino music video
This music video for Postino’s “I Love It” wins the most fun award! Directed by Will Kindrick. Watch it below.

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25.06.13 by Staff

“Papo” by Nutia

NUTIA - PAPO music video
A wonderfully simple stop motion music video directed by Max Mörtl for Nutia’s song “Papo.” Watch it below!

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20.06.13 by Jeff

Gesaffelstein “Pursuit” (NSFW)

Gesaffelstein Pursuit music video (NSFW)
Another stunner of a video directed by Fleur & Manu. They were the directors behind M83’s incredible trilogy (see here, here, and here). Heads up there’s some nudity in this one.

Watch below!

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