05.09.11 by Jeff

Nous Vous / Fresh Ones

The Nous Vous gang have updated their website with a bunch of great work including a range of hand-crafted items called Fresh Ones.

Nous Vous collective Fresh Ones
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02.06.11 by Jeff

Loop Arts Fair

Heads up UK readers! Loop Arts Fair is coming to Leeds, June 17th-19th! Illustrators and graphic designers will be transforming Marshalls Mill into working studios, print shops, publishing houses and workshops. I wish I could go to this! Here are some of the people involved:

LOOP Applied Arts Fair
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09.05.11 by Jeff

William Edmonds

Drawings by William Edmonds. London.

drawings by William Edmonds
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30.03.11 by Jeff

Pick Me Up

HUH Magazine popped over to Pick Me Up contemporary graphic arts fair and interviewed Print Club London, Nous Vous, and Ditto!

huh magazine pick me up contemporary graphic arts fair

Watch the video below!

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08.10.08 by Jeff

Nicolas Burrows

Found a whole pile of outstanding work by Nicolas Burrows – this first one pretty much sums up my life for the past couple years. The top of his page says Illustration but there is a lot of stuff on there that sorta meanders out of that realm. I particularly like his typeset made from discarded pieces of construction paper.

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