17.05.11 by Jeff

Emil Holmer

Paintings by Emil Holmer. Sweden.

Artist painter Emil Holmer painting
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11.05.11 by Jeff

James Jean

More drawings and paintings by James Jean.

Artist painter James Jean
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10.05.11 by Jeff

Alex Steckly

Paintings by Alex Steckly. Portland, Oregon.

Artist painter Alex Steckly
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09.05.11 by Jeff

Masaya Chiba

Paintings by Masaya Chiba. Kanagawa, Japan.

Artist painter Masaya Chiba paintings
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06.05.11 by Jeff

Jean-François Lauda

Paintings by Jean-François Lauda. Montreal.

artist painter painting jean francois lauda
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05.05.11 by Jeff

Eric Fischl

Paintings by Eric Fischl.

Artist painter Eric Fischl painting
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05.05.11 by Jeff

Kerry James Marshall

Paintings by Kerry James Marshall.

Artist painter Kerry James Marshall
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04.05.11 by Jeff

Rod Luff

Drawings and paintings by Australian Rod Luff. His show opens May 5th, at the new Spoke Art Gallery (San Francisco).

The Moleskine Project by artist painter Rod Luff
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