28.02.11 by Jeff

Ian Francis

Paintings by Ian Francis.

artist painter painting ian francis
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23.02.11 by Jeff

Andrew Pommier

“At the Time of Fear”, paintings by Andrew Pommier.

vancouver based artist painter andrew pommier at the time of fear series
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23.02.11 by Jeff

Melinda Josie

Watercolour works by Melinda Josie.

artist painter painting melinda josie
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23.02.11 by Jeff

Sarah Harvey

Some new paintings by Sarah Harvey. She has a solo show opening at Collectors Contemporary (Singapore) in March.

artist painter painting sarah harvey
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17.02.11 by Jeff

Maureen Gubia

Paintings by Maureen Gubia. Ecuador.

artist painter painting maureen gubia
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16.02.11 by Jeff

Caio Fern

Paintings by Caio Fern. Brazil.

artist painter painting caio fern brazil
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11.02.11 by Jeff

Andrew Gordon

Paintings by Andrew Gordon. Australia.

artist painter painting andrew gordon
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10.02.11 by Jeff

Fernando Chamarelli

Paintings by Fernando Chamarelli. Brazil.

artist painter painting fernando chamarelli
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