01.09.15 by Staff

Artist Spotlight: Daniel Dove


Fantastic urban abstracts by California-based artist and Cal Poly State University art professor, Daniel Dove. See more of Dove’s paintings below!

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28.08.15 by Staff

Artist Spotlight: Alex G


Alex Gardner was doing amazing things when we posted about him a couple years ago. Clearly nothing’s changed in that regard. Currently based in Los Angeles, see more of Alex G’s fantastic paintings below!

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26.08.15 by Staff

Artist Spotlight: Megan Ellen MacDonald


Wonderful play with aspects of kitsch and cuteness in these paintings by Toronto-based artist Megan Ellen MacDonald. See more images from her series “Lux” below!

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20.08.15 by Jeff

Artist Spotlight: Maren Karlson


Maren Karlson’s work is from another planet. More images below.

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17.08.15 by Jeff

Artist Spotlight: Jeff Perrott


Paintings by Cambridge, Massachusetts-based artist Jeff Perrott. More images below.

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17.08.15 by Jeff

Artist Spotlight: Tassia Bianchini


Paintings by Amsterdam-based Brazilian artist Tassia Bianchini. More images below.

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12.08.15 by Staff

Artist Spotlight: Peter Ferguson


Canadian artist, Peter Ferguson, specializes in turn-of-the-century-esque paintings of the naturalized paranormal. Check out more of Ferguson’s wonderful yet utterly bizarre work below!

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11.08.15 by Staff

Artist Spotlight: Tae Lee


More great paintings from Korean artist, Tae Lee, who lives and works in Los Angeles, California. Previously featured here after he submitted his work to our monthly submissions. Below is a selection of Lee’s current work.

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