20.05.13 by Jeff

Scotty Albrecht

collages by Artist Scotty Albrecht
Found paper collages by Scotty Albrecht.

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22.03.13 by Jeff

Li Hongbo / Flexible Paper Sculptures [Video]

Li Hongbo / Out Of Paper
When I originally posted Li Hongbo’s incredible flexible paper sculptures (see here) I couldn’t figure out how the heck he was creating them. Now, thanks to this video, I know! Incredible stuff. Watch below!

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07.02.13 by Jeff

Amy Wilson Faville

Carts by Amy Wilson Faville
Amy Wilson Faville created this mixed-media series based on actual shopping carts of the homeless in San Francisco’s Mission District. See more below!

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04.02.13 by Jeff

Paper Sculptures by Li Hongbo

Flexible Paper Sculptures by artist Li Hongbo
I saw these over at Colossal and my mind melted. Magnificent accordian-like paper sculptures by Li Hongbo. Watch the videos below!

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12.01.13 by Jeff

Ana Bidart

Ana Bidart carved paper sculptures
Carved rolls of paper by Ana Bidart. Uruguay.

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07.01.13 by Jeff


pie paper issue 4
I was excited to find a new issue of Pie amongst my mail last week. Looks like they’ve ditched the oversized newsprint format – I like it.

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30.11.12 by Jeff

Golden paper hummingbirds by Diana Beltran Herrera

gold hummingbirds by Diana Beltran Herrera
More of those beautiful paper birds by Diana Beltran Herrera. This time they’re golden hummingbirds!

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26.10.12 by Jeff

Paper bird sculptures by artist Diana Beltran Herrera

Paper bird sculptures by Diana Beltran Herrera
Gorgeous paper bird sculptures by Diana Beltran Herrera.

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