06.01.11 by Jeff

Grant Cornett

Photos by Grant Cornett. Brooklyn.

photographer grant cornett photography
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05.01.11 by Jeff

Colin Leaman

Photos by Colin Leaman. Philadelphia.

photographer colin leaman
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03.01.11 by Jeff

Hasisi Park

Two photos by Hasisi Park.

hasisi park photographer photography
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03.01.11 by Jeff

William Hundley

More photos by William Hundley.

photographer photography william hundley
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03.01.11 by Jeff

Sander Meisner

“Tunnels”, photos by Sander Meisner. Amsterdam.

photographer photography sander meisner
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03.01.11 by Jeff

Angeles Peña

Photos by Angeles Peña. Argentina.

photographer angeles pena photography
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23.12.10 by Jeff

Kyoko Hamada

Photos by Kyoko Hamada.

photographer photography kyoko hamada
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22.12.10 by Jeff

Before Or After Yourself

“Before Of After Yourself”, a fascinating video by photographer Robert Gill addressing our culture’s obsession with fitness. Gill physically transformed himself for his MFA thesis project, but he definitely didn’t go about it the way most people do…

before or after yourself video mfa thesis project by photographer robert gill

Watch the video below!

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