29.05.12 by Jeff

Smoking Kids portraits by photographer Frieke Janssens

Smoking Kids portraits by photographer Frieke Janssens
“Smoking Kids”, portraits by photographer Frieke Janssens.

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04.09.11 by Jeff

twenty-seven names

Love these portraits of Ngahuia Williams for twenty-seven names.

twentysevennames winter 2012 portraits of Ngahuia Williams
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09.08.11 by Jeff

Antony Crook

Portraits by Antony Crook. Do you recognize these faces?

Portraits by photographer Antony Crook photography
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21.06.11 by Jeff

Daniel Kornrumpf

Embroidery never looked so cool, portraits by Daniel Kornrumpf.

Embroidery portraits by artist Daniel Kornrumpf
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09.05.11 by Jeff

Grant Harder

Last week Grant Harder shot a few photos of me, just for the fun of it!

jeff hamada grant harder photography photographer vancouver

01.07.10 by Jeff

Jordan Domont

Illustrations by Jordan Domont. Portland, Oregon.

illustrator jordan domont illustration
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14.05.10 by Jeff

Matt Niebuhr

Photos by Matt Niebuhr.

matt niebuhr photographer photography
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10.03.10 by Jeff

Kumi Yamashita

Incredible shadow art by Kumi Yamashita. You should watch the video below to fully appreciate Kumi’s work. Wonderful stuff.

Shadow artist Kumi Yamashita
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