05.10.12 by Jeff

Morgan Herrin

Wood sculptures by artist Morgan Herrin
Hand-carved wood sculptures by Morgan Herrin.

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03.10.12 by Jeff

Malin Gabriella Nordin

Artist Malin Gabriella Nordin
“Private Language” is a project by one of my favourite artists, Malin Gabriella Nordin. She recently invited eleven children, ages 3 – 5, to interpret a collection of her sculptures:

“I met with each child individually for an hour to discuss the collection: what they thought the sculptures looked like, if there was a story, which one they liked the most, etc. I asked each one of them if they felt the collection was missing something and if so could they draw the missing piece. I also asked them if the sculptures were placed in the right order or if they wanted to rearrange them, which all except for one did. The upcoming months I will interpret their drawings and make their missing pieces into new sculptures and paintings.”

I usually include a handful of images, but I’ve included 30 images here. They were too beautiful not to post. I guess it’s kind of obvious that I love this project.

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23.08.12 by Jeff

Chad Wys

Artist Chad Wys
“Readymades” by Chad Wys. Love this series of simple alterations made to found objects.

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16.08.12 by Jeff

Adam Niklewicz

Sculptures by artist Adam Niklewicz
Sculptures by Adam Niklewicz.

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30.07.12 by Jeff

Alex Chinneck

Sculptures and installations by artist Alex Chinneck
Self Employed (2011)
London brick, smoking chimney pot, steel, mortar, air system

Sculptures and installations by Alex Chinneck. Inspiration overload!

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26.07.12 by Jeff

Coffin-shaped tanning bed by Luciano Podcaminsky

Sculptures by artist Luciano Landia
“Sundead” 2012

A coffin-shaped tanning bed, by Luciano Podcaminsky. Argentina.

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23.07.12 by Jeff

Aaron Moran

Artist Aaron Moran
Last week I got this encouraging email from artist Aaron Moran (I’m posting it with his permission). Please let me know if a posting here ever leads to something exciting, it’s nice to look back on emails like these if I’m ever feeling a little burnt out.

Watch a feature on Aaron and see his recent works below!

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09.07.12 by Jeff

John von Bergen

Sculptures by artist John von Bergen
Sculptures by John von Bergen.

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