08.09.10 by Jeff

Sam Vanallemeersch

Glorious drawings from the sketchbook of Sam Vanallemeersch.

sam vanallemeersch drawing artist sketchbook
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05.11.09 by Jeff

Donny Nguyen

Sketches by Donny Nguyen. Toronto.

donny nguyen illustration illustrator drawing
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23.06.09 by Jeff

Isabelle Boinot

Drawings (and random sketchbook pages) by Isabelle Boinot.

isabelle boinot drawing sketch book
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15.05.09 by Jeff

Maria Vladimirova

Some sketches and drawings by Maria Vladimirova.

maria vladimirova
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29.04.09 by Jeff

Véronique Meignaud

Véronique Meignaud illustration illustrator Marmotte

Fantastic sketches by Véronique Meignaud aka Marmotte. Paris.

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23.03.09 by Jeff

Wesley Burt

When I worked at Electronic Arts as a concept artist, I used to visit the forums on ConceptArt.org all the time. Wesley Burt had quite a following on there, for obvious reasons.

wesley burt illustration illustrator drawing sketch san fran concept art
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06.03.09 by Jeff

Irina Troitskaya / Matreshkas

Irina Troitskaya’s Matreshkas are so amazing! There is a specific theme for each series. One series is ‘the most popular animals from Russian fairy tales’ another is ‘naturally white animals’ (first image below). I love that she includes her sketches!

irina troitskaya matreshkas animal art sculpture russian dolls
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02.03.09 by Jeff

Cody Hoyt

Rainbow coloured explosive goodness by Cody Hoyt.

cody hoyt drawing sketch illustration letter type

via: myloveforyou

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