18.11.15 by Staff

Trippy Animation of the Day: Unknown Mortal Orchestra “Necessary Evil”


Deceptively cute video, directed by Los Angeles-based artist/filmmaker Sean Solomon, for Unknown Mortal Orchestra’s dreamy track “Necessary Evil.” Fantastic animation work by Kirby Allen, Rachel Paek, Mark Ingram, Meghan Tryon, and Sarah Schmidt. Watch below as love goes wrong. Or is it right?

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07.09.15 by Staff

Music Video: Unknown Mortal Orchestra “Can’t Keep Checking My Phone”


Fantastically strange video directed by Dimitri Basil (one of my favs) and Cooper Roussel, with art direction by Laura Gorun and Dominique Basil. Features a catalogue of bizarre and highly specific maladies. Watch Unknown Mortal Orchestra’s “Can’t Keep Checking My Phone” below!

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07.07.11 by Jeff

Unknown Mortal Orchestra

“How Can You Luv Me” by Unknown Mortal Orchestra.

Unknown Mortal Orchestra How Can You Luv Me live performance yours truly

Watch the performance below!

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