10.10.16 by Staff

The Ladder Place


Artist Dan Climan has opened a space in Montreal called The Ladder Place, currently focused on producing and exhibiting silkscreen prints. We’ve always loved Dan’s work and the artists he curates are very much up our alley. Have a look at a selection of available prints below.

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23.11.12 by Jeff

Dude Chilling Park

Dude Chilling Park
Photo credit: @DustinTimms

This is awesome. Vancouver’s Guelph Park is now Dude Chilling Park. Not officially though, The Province reports that the official park sign was secretly replaced by someone “who put a lot of effort into crafting the counterfeit, which even features the official Vancouver Parks and Recreation crest”.

The artist responsible is Viktor Briestensky. I really hope they don’t remove it like they say they will. It is harmless and hilarious.

*Edit – There’s a petition you can sign to show your support, here.