10.10.16 by Jeff

Instagram of the Day: “Shadow Doodles” by Vincent Bal


Belgium-based filmmaker Vincent Bal turns shadows into opportunities to daydream, creating doodles out of the various shapes. If you haven’t seen his film “The Bloody Olive” you have to watch it, it’s one of my favourite short films. Check out a bunch more shadow doodles below!

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15.06.08 by Jeff

The Bloody Olive.

As I was going through my old Youtube favourites, I found this short film from 1996 by Vincent Bal called The Bloody Olive. This has to be up there for greatest short films of all time. A genius concept, perfectly executed, and great acting to boot. Give it a chance, if you watch this and you hate it you are even more stupid than you look.

PS – The only movie with more twists than this is the John Travolta classic, Basic. I dare you to go rent that film. The ending is “incredible”.

PPS – If anyone actually goes and rents Basic and can prove it somehow (with a photo of themselves watching it perhaps) I will give them a t-shirt.