Be A Manwolf Today

Oh! My! Gaad!!! This is awesome. If you were one of the fortunate few to see Machotaildrop (even if you haven’t) you will love this. “Be A Manwolf Today”, created by my friend Corey Adams and Alex Craig.

Be A Manwolf Today - es footwear by corey adams and alex craig

Watch the film below!

Starring: John J Mackie, John Rattray, Rick McCrank

manwolfs es shoes

I just spoke with my friends at Timebomb (join their page they’re always doing cool stuff) – they’re hookin up a pair of the Manwolfs shoes by eS footwear, so if you want ’em tell me the name of your skateboarding gang in the comments below! (North American residents please!)

I’ll pick a winner next Friday!

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