Stuffed Animal Skin Rugs by Artist Agustina Woodgate


Beautiful rugs made out of recycled stuffed animal skins, by one of my favourite artists, Agustina Woodgate (I previously featured her work here, here, and here).

The rugs not only reference the personal histories of the toy’s owners, but investigate the rug as an object organizing and displaying memories and lineages.”

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Milky Ways | Stuffed Animal skins | 18 ft x 11 ft | 2013



Galaxy | Stuffed Animal skins | 6.5 ft x 6.5 ft | 2010



Royal | Stuffed Animal skins | 9 ft x 7ft | 2010



Seven Seas | Stuffed Animal skins | 15 ft x 10 ft | 2013



Rose Petals | Stuffed Animal skins | 8 ft x 7ft | 2010



Home | Stuffed Animal skins | 9 ft x 7ft | 2010



Peacock | Stuffed Animal skins | 8 ft x 7ft | 2010


Agustina Woodgate’s Website



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