Takehito Miyatake


I’d seen this image floating around of lightning striking while a volcano is erupting but didn’t know who shot it, and I wasn’t even sure it was real. It was such an epic photo that I could actually hear the theme song to Highlander as I stared at it. It had to be real.

It is real, and thanks to Spoon and Tamago, I can tell you the photographer is Takehito Miyatake. It appears a lot of his work involves capturing the wild natural light of Japan. Take a look at some more images below!

takehito-miyatake01Genji botaru fireflies around a small bridge over the Shimanto River.


takehito-miyatake02Firefly squid surfacing in the Spring.


takehito-miyatake03Hime botaru fireflies.


takehito-miyatake07Volcanic lightning over the Sakurajima eruption.


takehito-miyatake05The Milky Way and the lights of fireflies.


takehito-miyatake06Moonlight on a waterfall.


Takehito Miyatake’s Website

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