The Jay Z Demo Tape (Pre-Reasonable Doubt)


Mass Appeal has dug up what appears to be a Jay Z demo tape, from before his first album, Reasonable Doubt. He sounds more like Big L in these tracks, have a listen to all 10 songs below.

1. Greatest MC (Demo)
2. What’s In a Name?
3. Get Off My Dick (Feat. Sauce Money)
4. Understand Me
5. Pass The Roc
6. Broken English & Drug Sellin’ (Feat. Sauce Money)
7. Rippin’ It Up, Right? (Feat. Sauce Money)
8. Nothin’ But Love (Feat. Sauce Money)
9. Under Pressure
10. Behind the Ropes (Feat. Sauce Money)

Still not as fresh as Jaz and Jay-Z “The Originator” (1990):

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