Booooooom x Tangible Interaction: Submissions to our Pencil Project for IAM Festival in Barcelona

Last month we launched a project to build a sculpture in Barcelona, at the IAM Festival, using pencils mailed in from all over the world. We collaborated with Vancouver-based studio Tangible Interaction to 3D-print special connectors that would allow us to connect the pencils together in a variety of ways. It was a pretty ambitious project considering we only had a few weeks to collect pencils and it would only work if we had lots.

You guys totally came through! All in all we had well over 1,000 pencils from all over the place: North and South America, Asia, Europe, Australia, India, and Sri Lanka! Thank you all for making our project in Barcelona a success! If you sent us a pencil you can now say that you have exhibited at the Design Museum of Barcelona, that’s pretty cool!

Here is a quick time lapse of people at the event building the sculpture with your pencils and a gallery of all the people who emailed in a photo of themselves. These photos represent a small fraction of all the people who took part in the project but I think it still beautifully represents the way the Internet can used to create an artwork using bits and pieces from all different countries.

Churchill-Alternative-School5-OntarioChurchill Alternative School, Ontario

Churchill-Alternative-School6-OntarioChurchill Alternative School, Ontario

Churchill-Alternative-School4-OntarioChurchill Alternative School, Ontario

Chamodi-Sri-LankaChamodi, Sri Lanka

Carlitos-y-Patricia-barcelonaCarlitos y Patricia, Barcelona

Cambria-Guevara-CaliforniaCambria Guevara, California

Bryn-Merridew-CaliforniaBryn Merridew, California

Bryn-and-Sterling--Merridew-CaliforniaBryn & Sterling Merridew, California

Bryan-Sim-SingaporeBryan Sim, Singapore

Brian-Ball-HuntingtonBrian Ball, Huntington

Brent-Karwatowski-BrooklynBrent Karwatowski, Brooklyn

Blair-Stretch-LethbridgeBlair Stretch, Lethbridge

Benedicte-HawaiiBenedicte, Hawaii

Audrey-Ballinger-San-AntonioAudrey Ballinger, San Antonio

Ash-Kaysey-UKAsh Kaysey, United Kingdom

Arnon-Lintz-RioDeJaneiroArnon Lintz, Rio de Janeiro

April-Manarang-Guelph-OntarioApril Manarang, Ontario

Antony-Rendall-UKAntony Rendall, United Kingdom

Anna-Heib-BerlinAnna Heib, Berlin

Andy-Cunningham-SacramentoAndy Cunningham, Sacramento


Alisha-Attella-LongBeachAlisha Attella, Long Beach


Alesha-Moore-LosAngelesAlesha Moore, Los Angeles

Akshita1-IndiaAkshita, India

aina+Sam-VancouverAina Sam, Vancouver


Adam-Fuhrer-TorontoAdam Fuhrer, Toronto

Adam-Faust-NorthCarolinaAdam Faust, North Carolina

Abbey-Bennett-VictoriaAbbey Bennett, Victoria

Zoish-Contractor-BombayZoish Contractor, Bombay

Zach-Berman-VancouverZach Berman, Vancouver

Yuin-Jann-Choy3-GloucestershireYuinn Jann Choy, Gloucestershire

Wesley-Chu-VancouverWesley Chu, Vancouver

Vince-Joy1-BrooklynVince Joy, Brooklyn

Vee+Caleb-Wong-VancouverVee Caleb Wong, Vancouver

VC-High-SchoolVC High School


Tyler-Robbins-KelownaTyler Robbins, Kelowna

Tran-Tran-SwitzerlandTran Tran, Switzerland

Tom-Borgas-AdelaideTom Borgas, Adelaide


Tim-Treshock-PineBeachTim Treshock, Pine Beach

Tiffany-StLouisTiffany, St. Louis


Superdaimos-Gueverra1-WyckoffSuperdaimos Gueverra, Wyckoff

Steven-Weeks-EugeneSteven Weeks, Eugene

Sterling-Merridew-CaliforniaSterling Merridew, California

Sora+Mayuka-VancouverSora Mayuka, Vancouver

Shay-Colley-AustraliaShay Colley, Australia

Sharon-Wong-TorontoSharon Wong, Toronto


Sam-Thorp-PASam Thorp, PA

Sam-Barber-AustraliaSam Barber, Australia

Ryan-Slater-VancouverRyan Slater, Vancouver

Ryan-Jansen-MadisonRyan Jansen, Madison

Roxbury-High-School-SuccasunnaRoxbury High School

Robin-Park-WilliamstownRobin Park, Williamstown

Robert-Pope-ArizonaRobert Pope, Arizona

Rob-Wilson-DuncanRob Wilson, Duncan

Rhonda-Grywacheski-EdmontonRhona Grywacheski, Edmonton

Ramona-and-Tie-DouglasvilleRamona & Tie, Douglasville


Radio-Kuurmaa-EstoniaRadio Kuurmaa, Estonia

Penny-Wong-MalaysiaPenny Wong, Malaysia

Paula-Collins-OttawaPaula Collins, Ottawa

Paul-Lantz-RiversidePaul Lantz, Riverside

Patri-BarcelonaPatri, Barcelona

Parvathy-IndiaParvathy, India

Olivia-VancouverOlivia, Vancouver

Ola-VoloOla Volo









Nathanael-Gassett-ClintonNathanael Gassett, Clinton

Nathan-Wainwright-VancouverNathan Wainwright, Vancouver

Natalie-Bojorquez-SanDiegoNatalie Bojorquez, San Diego

Nashira-Paradis-VancouverNashira Paradis, Vancouver


mons-barcelonaMons, Bareclona

Monique-Bouvier-OttawaMonique Bouvier, Ottawa

Miles-Partington-NewyorkMiles Partington, New York

Milda-VilniusMilda Vilnius

Mike-Suzuki-VancouverMike Suzuki, Vancouver

Michael-Falck-LosAngelesMichael Falck, Los Angeles

Michael-Chamberlain-MarysvilleMichael Chamberlain, Marysville

McKay-Felt-LondonMcKay Felt, London

Mary-Ann-Dobson-EdmontoMary Ann Dobson, Edmonton

Marley-Grayson-VancouverMarley Grayson, Vancouver

marina-mijatovic3-CroatiaMarina Mijatovic, Croatia

Marieke-Denil-MontrealMarieke Denil, Montreal

Marcus-MichiganMarcus, Michigan

Mac-McCreary2-JapanMac McCreary, Japan

Mac-McCreary1-JapanMac McCreary, Japan

Luke-Romig-GeorgiaLuke Romig, Georgia

Luke-Ramsey-PowellRiverLuke Ramsey, Powell River

Liam-Clark-UKLiam Clark, UK

Lauren-Vogel2-WinnipegLauren Vogel, Winnipeg

Lauren-Vogel-WinnipegLauren Vogel, Winnipeg

Lauren-VancouverLauren, Vancouver

Lauren-Crazybull-LethbridgeLauren Crazybull, Lethbridge

Lapiz-Pinto-BarcelonaLapiz Pinto, Barcelona

Kimi-Hamada-VancouverKimi Hamada, Vancouver

Kim-McLauchlan-PeruKim McLauchlan, Peru

Kim-BurnabyKim, Burnaby

Kelsey-Schoenemann-VirginiaKelsey Schoenemann, Virginia

Kelli-Sturkenboom-MontrealKelli Sturkenboom, Montreal

keer-zhang-SingaporeKeer Zhang, Singapore

Kaylee-Hanks-FresnoKaylee Hanks, Fresno

Katz-NewYorkKatz, New York

Katrine-NorwayKatrine, Norway

Katie,-Quinnlin-and-Willow-Huskin-FloridaKatie Quinnlin & Willow Huskin, Florida

Karolina-VilniusKarolina Vilnius

Judy-Ly2-TorontoJudy Ly, Toronto

Judy-Ly-TorontoJudy Ly, Toronto

Josephine-Cruz-CalgaryJosephine Cruz, Calgary

Joseph-Shea2-EnglandJoseph Shea, England

Joseph-Shea1-EnglandJoseph Shea, England

Joseph-Lobato1-NewYorkJoseph Lobato, New York

Jose-Alvarado-MexicoJose Alvarado, Mexico

Jo-TaiwanJo, Taiwan

Jesse-VancouverJesse, Vancouver

Jeremie-QuebecJeremie, Quebec

Jeffrey-Jackson-IndianaJeffrey Jackson, Indiana

Jeff-VancouverJeff, Vancouver

Jane-Choi-PaloAltoJane Choi, Palo Alto

Jamie-Nichols-CaliforniaJamie Nichols, California

Jacob-Riley-VictoriaJacob Riley, Victoria

Igor-FloridaIgor, Florida

Ida-Thurell+Olle-RombergIda Thurell Olle, Romberg

Haley-Cordle-ColumbusHaley Cordle, Columbus


Grace-Liu-GeorgiaGrace Liu, Georgia

Francine-FrankfurtFrancine, Frankfurt

Flory-Huang-VancouverFlory Huang, Vancouver

Felipe-Delloro-OakParkFelipe Delloro, Oak Park

Ester-BelgiumEster, Belgium

Erika-Kwon2-VancouverErika Kwon, Vancouver

Erika-Kwon1-VancouverErika Kwon, Vancouver

Erica-Pergatel-NewYorkErica Pergatel, New York

enon-avital-NewJerseyEnon Avital, New Jersey


Ema-LondonEma, London

Elizabeth-MontrealElizabeth, Montreal

Eliza-Nguyen-MontrealEliza Nguyen, Montreal

Einat-Nefesh-JerusalemEinat Nefesh, Jerusalem

Dennis-BohnDennis Bohn

Daylan-Wong-VancouverDaylan Wong, Vancouver

David-Martinello-BCDavid Martinello, BC

David-Loaiza-WoodhavenDavid Loaiza, Woodhaven

David-Andrews2-LiverpoolDavid Andrews, Liverpool

Dave-Hebb-PhoeniciaDavid Hebb, Phoenicia

Danielle-Katvan-BrooklynDanielle Katvan, Brooklyn

Daniel-Phipps-LondonDaniel Phipps, London

Dani-Lim-TorontoDani Lim, Toronto

Cole-Johnson-WoodburyCole Johnson, Woodbury

Cindy-Albrecht-BarrieCindy Albrecht, Barrie

IMG_4441Shannon & Levi, Vancouver

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