Animation of the Day: Swap Meet


Animator Caleb Wood organized a collaborative experiment with 13 other visual artists and a couple sound artists. Each artist created a background and traded it with another artist, animating over top of the other’s work. Watch the terrific results below.


Caleb Wood –
Charles Huettner –
David Prosser –
Elli Vuorinen –
Grace Nayoon Rhee –
Jonathan Djob Nkondo –
Kyle Mowat –
Lee Kyu-tae –
Lilli Carre –
Loup Blaster –
Nicolas Menard –
Nelson Boles –
Shin Hashimoto –
Shen Jie –

Additional sound contributions by:
Oswald Skillbard –
David Kamp –
Jordan Obo

Sound Mix by David Kamp


Call to Submit:
“Small Victories” Photo Book

Calling all photographers! We’re excited to announce that we’re starting to put together a new book and this is your chance to submit images to it!


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