Convert Any Image Into A Million Emojis

emoji-schieleEmoji Mosaic Schiele


If you are bored at work right now, this is relevant. You can now convert any image into a million emojis thanks to Eric Andrew Lewis, a web developer for The New York Times, who just released Emoji Mosaic. I “created” these emoji versions of classic artworks and it was fun for about 10 seconds. Is it pointless and dumb? Yes. But are you gonna try it out with one of the hundred selfies on your phone right now? That’s what I thought.

emoji-vermeerEmoji Mosaic Vermeer

emoji-daliEmoji Mosaic Dali

emoji-davinciEmoji Mosaic da Vinci

emoji-vangoghEmoji Mosaic Van Gogh

emoji-manetEmoji Mosaic Manet


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